Admittedly, I’m getting old. 42 years old, and Stock Car Racing has been connected to me since I was just 6 years old. My Dad raced for a couple of years infrequently as a budget racer, driving the 168 V8 HotStox originally before going in the F2.

As he’s gotten older, and actually just celebrated his 70th Birthday, I want to try and get out on track and race. It might be for one meeting, it might be for a string of meetings. To be honest I have no particular aim, I just want my Dad to see me out on track in BriSCA F1, one day.

The first move I’m going to make is hire a Stoxkart so I can get a tiny bit of experience being under race conditions, while the next move is doing a track day with Mat Newson down in Swaffham. It’s a relaxed day where I’ll be on track with my Dad, Brother and a couple of friends as we learn a little bit about them.

Stage three is going to be looking at hiring a BriSCA F1 Heritage car and hopefully doing a couple of meetings in that, and getting advice from some of the old guard before making the big move and hiring a BriSCA F1. Will I get there? Only time will tell.

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