Rule Book

General Rules
1.1 • No swearing or abbreviated swearing (swear words defined by admin) – this includes chat forum and server (Cat 3 Offence)

1.2 • No multiple accounts, again, IPs can be tracked

1.3 • No verbal or racist attacks against other members.

1.4 • Any arguing, moaning or abusive comments in the chat lobby will result in an immediate load up. Admin decision is final. Anyone loaded up automatically misses next meeting.

1.5 •PROVOCATIVE BEHAVIOUR – Provoking arguments in chat due to personal attacks or backbiting comments, will not be tolerated. (Cat 3 Offence)

1.6 •UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT – if your enjoyment of racing in our league is suffering due to a member acting in an unfair manner, then you should collect all the available evidence and then make a complaint. For example: if you are targeted more than 3 times by the same driver in the same meeting. (Cat 1 Offence)

1.7 • If a driver is disciplined on more than 3 occasions for attacking the same person, across all formula and regardless of categories, they then get given automatic 3 month all mod ban.

1.8 • A driver may only compete in a championship final if their own car skin is in the game. A driver may use a Last Bend Racing spare car in the heats and GN at a Championship meeting and score grading points are not permitted from racing in the Championship Final. Their place would be taken by a reserve if available.

1.9 • Booking in window closes at 5pm of the day of the meeting unless otherwise stated. Late bookings may be accepted at admin discretion, post on forum for a late booking/cancellation.

1.10 • Anyone booking in and not turning up without firstly informing admin will be given 1 strike. 3 strikes equals a 1 week ban.

1.11 • Any form of contact directly aimed at the league or a fellow member in a negative , argument provoking or personal attack is strictly forbidden (whether this be a pm during racing or by messaging on any social media site after the event or even face to face). Evidence should be collected by the complainant and passed to the admin team. Anyone found guilty of this will be charged with ‘Unsportsmanlike Conduct’

1.12 • Any form of advertising on any Last Bend Racing social media platform without written consent from the LBR admin team is strictly prohibited.

1.13 • All events in the Last Bend Racing server are the property of the Last Bend Racing League and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission from the admin team. All videos or media made public by Last Bend Racing are welcome to be shared.

1.14 • Any member or potential member who partakes in any sort of hostile behaviour in another league and is deemed to be acting against the best interests of the community, and the scene in general is simply not welcome to race here, and will be removed from the league, or will have membership turned down.

Any member found to be breaking any of the above rules can be liable for anything up to a life ban.

Racing Rules
2.1 • Only 1 car per meeting, per formula. The car must be your own painted skin or if you haven’t got a car a novice skin must be used.

2.2 • Any members found to be warping will be asked to leave, if they can’t rectify the problem immediately.

2.3 • Up to a maximum of 22 cars per race, track dependant. If more cars are booked into a meeting, heats will be split accordingly.

2.4 • You must start in order dropped within your grade unless otherwise stated by race control.

2.5 • No overtaking cars of the same grade as you on the way to the grid, except if they are a previous race winner. (Cat 3 offence)

2.6 • Race winners start at the back of their grade for the remainder of the meeting.

2.7 • Once dropped into the game, you must proceed to the grid carefully without hitting other cars and must not weave back and forth across the track. A maximum speed limit of 25mph is enforced. Failure to comply will result in a disciplinary action (Cat3 offence)

2.8 • Under no circumstances will a race be restarted more than twice, once it is going (includes going to grid) – You must not request a restart after the 2nd restart or talk during the race. Championship races may be restarted if a driver loses connection during the race start procedure (up to a maximum of 3 restarts)

2.9 •NO OPPO – You must race in the correct direction at all times. At no time & under no circumstances should anyone attempt to drive the wrong way round the track or hit a car head on from the opposite direction. Reversing up the straights or on the bends is also classed as going on oppo. Should anyone find themselves facing the wrong way please take care when re-joining the race. (Cat1 Offence)

2.10 • NO INFIELDING – Coming off the infield onto the track to attack another car or to disrupt a race or attacking a car that’s on the infield is classed as infielding. If you are spun/pushed onto the infield please take care when re-joining. (Cat1 Offence)

2.11 • NO CORNER CUTTING – Going into the corner with 4 wheels of the track is corner cutting and not allowed. (Cat2 Offence)

2.12 • Deviating from the normal racing line to deliberately hit or fence a stationary car or a car returning to race speed after an accident is not permitted (Cat 2 Offence)

2.13 • NO BLOCKING – Blocking is deemed as anything in which you stop or crawl round the track waiting for an opponent. When they arrive you then proceed to block them by using the brakes and steering in front of them continuously. (Cat3 Offence)

2.14 • NO TALKING DURING RACE – No talking once the race has started and this is disrupting and may also cause warp. (Cat3 Offence)

2.15 • NO PINNING – Pinning is when you put someone in the fence or into an object etc and then sit there with the brake on not allowing them to move. (Cat3 Offence)

2.16 • Deliberately running a driver into the fence on exit of corner or turning a driver onto the infield is not permitted (Category 3)

2.17 • Retaliation in not acceptable or deemed an excuse and any rules broken will carry the same discipline as defined by categories (if you have a problem report it and leave it to admin to sort)

2.18 •Anyone ‘Racing’, ‘Donuting’ or ‘Wrecking’ around on the infield will be loaded immediately from the rest of the meeting – Excludes Bangers.

2.19 •POOR REJOINS – Rejoining a race without due care and attention especially on the racing line is not permitted , please take the time to make sure you are safe to rejoin a race without causing someones race to be ruined by your careless actions (Cat 3 Offence)

2.20 • Drivers that sustain suspension damage making their car undriveable should not continue to race and park immediately in a safe place. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action (Cat 3 Offence)

Grades & Skin Rules
3.1 • New grading periods are indicated on fixture lists that come out on forum at start of season.

3.2 • Drivers must ensure their car displays the correct grade in the current skin pack. Failure to do so will see the driver starting at the back of the grid. Anyone with a messed skin must start from the back – 8 car lengths behind last car)

3.3 • Points are scored 10 for first place down to 1 for tenth place for heats and GN. Finals are scored: 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 unless it’s a Championship involving a different points set up.(edited)

3.4 • Any Final winner scores double points in the GN and must take a full lap handicap.

3.5 • Any White Yellow or Blue grade driver winning 2 finals within a grading period will be upgraded to the next grade with immediate effect.

3.6 • No vulgarity or profanity to be displayed on car skins, humorous touches to skins however, must be accepted by admin in writing.

3.7 • Only one chassis change per Season.

3.8 • Team car skins are not permitted, each car must be distinguishable in more ways than simply a name and number. Like wise, no duplicate skins with different wings

All drivers registered with the league must fully agree to abide by all the rules, terms and conditions