Taken from UKStockCars, posted by JB.

OK, so you have installed the game, learnt how to use the mod launcher & fired up the game.

This guide will teach you how to navigate the various screens to play the game.

The first screen you come to is the “Main Menu”

Click in the dark area under Player Name delete ‘Player One’ and insert your name followed by your race number

You will now see 4 options:

SINGLE RACE – Click this to practice offline (see section 2: Racing Offline)
MULTIPLAYER – Click this to race online (see section 3: Racing Online)
OPTIONS – Click this to set up the game base settings (see section 1: Setting Up Your Game)
EXIT – Click this to exit the game back to the desktop



Before playing you need to set the games basic settings, to do this click ‘OPTIONS’

GRAPHICS – This lets you set the detail level, draw distance, effects level, whats shown in the mirror, the screen resolution & the option to choose ‘high detail cars’

If when playing the game it feels like it is stuttering it could be due to your computer struggling for graphic processing power so may be worth reducing these settings as low as possible, the lowest screen resolution and unchecking the ‘high detail cars’ checkbox

The above is always recommended when racing online

SOUND – Your audio settings

Volume: sets the master volume level
Fidelity: (leave this set to 8-bit)
Spotter: sets the volume of your spotter (who warns you of cars inside, outside and laps to go) depending on preference you can leave it on or turn it off
Music: sets the volume of the music played whilst within the menu screens and multiplayer lobby

Here you set the controls
Click the already pre set control option you wish to change the press the input you wish to use on your control device.
The game can use either, keyboard, gamepad (xbox 360 wired controller recommended as the triggers give progressive throttle & brake) or steering wheel & pedals
There are also 2 check boxes – Auto reverse (when the car comes to a stop holdin the brake engages reverse) and Auto Shifting check or uncheck for auto or manual gears

You will also see ‘ADVANCED’ in the bottom right, only recommended for experienced gamers who will understand whats in there so unless you know whats what leave alone!


At the main menu click Single Race

This will bring you to the ‘Driver Selection’ screen
If you have submitted a skin for inclusion in the skinpack (and have installed it!) you will see you name & number in the list, if not there are novice cars for every chassis at he bottom of the list.
Click on the driver you wish to use and then click select

You are now at the ‘Track Selection’ screen
Scroll up and down the list and click on the track you want to race to highlight it
It should now be displayed in the large box
Click select

You are now at the ‘Race Day’ screen.
There are 5 choices here:
RACE – Click this when you have everything set and are ready to race against computer cars as per how you have set it up
GARAGE – Click this to go into the garage menu and adjust the cars settings (see seperate thread ‘FASTER FASTER – CAR SET UP GUIDE’) in here you can click load or save to load or save set ups, and test to go on track on your own. (see section 4: In Game Controls)
SETUP – takes you to the ‘Race Set Up’ screen, you can adjust the race length (how many laps), opponent strength (how fast the AI cars are) & pack size (how many AI cars there are) DO NOT ADJUST realism (expert), ghost mode (off), wear factor (normal), flags (none) & caution/pitroad driving (auto).
RECORDS – the fastest laps/races that have been recorded on your machine
OPTIONS – game settings (see section 1: setting up your game)


Before racing online it is VERY IMPORTANT try out the racing offline:
Get lots and lots of practice!!.

When racing online, the most important thing to avoid is WARP !
If you warp whilst racing online you will be given oppotunity to cure it and if you cant you will be asked to leave the meeting

A couple of tips!
Wireless broadband connections are a virtual guarantee of warp , so always use an ethernet connection (cable direct from computer to router) and use the set up options below:

Setting up Options

The most important thing to configure properly is the game itself. For example, if you are using too high a graphics resolution, this will stress your computer so much that it cannot handle the added load of running multiplayer races online. Check the following items:

Graphics Options – these will make the biggest differences it’s more important the game runs smooth than looks pretty!.
Detail – Turn this down.
Draw Distance – Turn this down. It determines how far away a car is before it is not shown on your screen.
Effects – Turn this down. This will stop tyre marks and smoke effects. They don’t make you drive any faster.
Mirror – Set it to ALL, unless you are having real problems, in which case set it to Cars or turn it off.
Resolution – Go to a lower resolution if possible. It won’t look quite as nice, but you’re here to race.
High Details – Should you have this option available, untick it. As above you’re here to race.

Sound Options – these won’t make a huge difference, but it will still free up processor power.
Fidelity – set it to 8-bit.
Spotter – Turn the volume right down to zero.
Music – Turn the volume right down.

Connecting To The Server

There isn’t much difference between practice and race nights.

On race nights everyone follows the following procedure:
You must be a member to view the actual IP address and the server password (write it down you will need it!)
To race, close everything down that isnt required i.e. Messenger programs
Automatic Updaters (Windows Update in particular)
Any other program that may use internet bandwidth or connection before connecting to a server.
(TIP: it is also recommended that any other devices that connect to your router wirelessly are turned off such as phones, tablets and gaes consoles)

When in game, at the first menu, make sure that your name and number are entered in the bottom centre, and click on MULTIPLAYER.

Select the car/driver that you want to use and click on SELECT.

Select 33.6K, no matter what kind of connection type that you have, and then click find.
This will open a window, asking for the address of the server.

Enter the IP address of the server that you have been told to go to.
Click OK and it will try to connect to the server.
If you try this, and nothing happens, double check the IP address, and try again.
There is occasionally a bug where you may need to press Cancel whilst it is searching, for it to find the server.

The server should appear in the original multiplayer screen, and it will tell you how many players are in the server, and how many can join.
Highlight it by clicking on it, and click CONNECT.

Fill in the password (the password can be found in the Members Area Section – Only available to members) and click OK.

The Race page should come up with drivers logged on
Click on ‘APPROVE’ to change your light to yellow.
When all players are yellow, and the server closes entries, your light will turn green.
At this stage you will have the opportunity to go into the Garage to load/change your set-up.
When you are happy, click Race, and your light will highlight with ‘GO’.
When everyone is at GO, the race will load

You will see messages from other racers scrolling up, to speak in the chat area click the grey bar under the chat window, type your message and hit enter
If you see a message come up in yellow it is a private message from another racer.  To send a private message type in your message but instead of hitting return, scroll to their name and click it, you should see the message disappear meaning it has been sent to them.

PRACTICE RACES – these are raced from the ‘GO’ in the order the computer places everyone

MEETING RACES – when given control slow down to a controlled stop, for heats & GN’s proceed to you allocated grade. For gridded races wait to be called to the grid by the RM (Race Manager)

Make sure you have read all the rules. You won’t be too popular if you get them wrong !!


Besides the obvious car controls there are some command keys you need to know in order to race successfully!

Offline & Online Controls:
F1 key: in car or bumper view
F3 key: near chase or chase or far chase view
F5 key: to turn on the leaderboard (does not show in test mode from garage) you should always have this on so you know who is near you in the pack
SPACE BAR: Press and hold to turn the car back onto the wheels if you get tipped onto your side or roof

ESC KEY: brings up the ‘Escape Menu’
Resume: return to race
Restart: begin race again from the beginning
Replay: end race and view replay from the start upto that point
End Race: end the race and exit to results screen (offline race) or garage (offline test)

ESC KEY: brings up the ‘Escape Menu’
Resume: return to race
End Race: end race and leave server
T KEY: Hit this then click the grey area to type your message and hit enter to send. NOTE: preference is to only do this during the lining up phase if you have an issue, need to ask a question or disconnected during the loading phase and made it back in before race starts and want to request an end.

DO NOT talk during a race as this is agains the rules and may result in disciplinary action

SECTION 5: When the race ends & saving replays

When a you complete a race offline the race will continue circulating until you either hit the ESC key to exit to results or SPACE BAR to view the replay of the race

When the leader crosses the line the race will circulate until all moving drivers have crossed the finish line at which point the game will go straight to replay mode automatically.

Viewing the replay:
You can use the various buttong to view the replay from various cars/angles. NOTE: Do not spend time reviewing a replay during a meeting, you will not be popular for causing a delay!
If you wish to save the replay for later review click the ‘save’ button, enter the name you want for that replay and click ok
You can review replays at a later date using the ‘Options’ and ‘Replay’ choices.