Welcome to Last Bend Racing

LATEST NEWS 08/05/21

The Facebook page has became active, which you can find by clicking here which is essentially an advertisement page for the league which will have such things as upcoming meeting, league updates and media, and as a bit of a fun, an ‘official song’ of each meeting posted on the day of the meeting. On the website side of it, I’m just in the early stages of putting it all together, hopefully this will become a database as such with downloads, skins, set-ups etc which are open to not just drivers from Last Bend Racing, but to also other drivers in the online Stock Car Racing scene as one of the key points that I’m aiming for is to do the best for the community in general.

If you’d like to sign up, there’s a few different ways for you to do it. There’s the Facebook page linked above, where you can send myself and the team a message requesting to join, or you can click the link above and apply to join.

We currently have our first proper meeting booked in for May 19th, which is actually the UK Open taking place at Skegness New T, which is where the UK Stock Cars League ended unceremoniously. Hopefully we can pick up the ball from there, and score a touchdown or hit a home run, or take the chequered flag or whatever analogy fits!