League Ethos

Last Bend Racing came about in the days following the abandonment of the UK Stock Car Online Racing League after many of the drivers and part of the UKSC met over discord to talk about the issues and situations which lead to the Chairman, JB, saying enough is enough. Many of the drivers had been part of online racing for many years and dedicated a fair chunk of their time to it, surely this couldn’t be the end, could it?

Thankfully, there was a collective agreement that we should continue on so plans were quickly thrown together and while doing this it quickly became apparent that the one thing we have in common is, we wanted a community that wanted a league that contributed to the scene in a positive light. We approached JB of UK Stock Cars in regards to using his mod, and spoke to Glen Marshall, who expertly manages SSCN with the help of a well respected crew of helpers and admin, about our plans and the scene and we are very excited, and grateful for their optimism in regards to our plans.

And so here we are, on the dawn of a new league starting off with the last scheduled meeting of UKSC, keeping the same points and Championships as the beloved league which was sadly no more. We are about enjoyable race nights, filled with like minded people who just want a couple of hours away from their real lives, to pop online and just relax with people they feel comfortable with. We feel with the rules we have put together and slightly tweaked, and the aims of the admin team, we really can offer something good for the community of online Stock Car Racing but also protect those who are part of the overall community too. After all, it’s a hobby; it’s meant to be fun!